Evolution of minds after the Reappearance

:Imam Baqir (PBUH) said

“Whenever Imam Mahdi (PBUH) rises up, he will pat the worshipers on their head and by doing so he will make their minds concentrated and will complete their morality

:Imam Sadiq (PBUH) addressing the Shias said

“You will not perfect your faith until Imam Mahdi (PBUH) rises up, therefore, God would unite 

."your wisdom and the believers will reach their perfection

The source: The book of the “Merciful Government”  

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Trying to popularize Imam Mahdi

According to wisdom, if a person is beloved he should be popularized. Therefore, Shia 

.Muslims should make Imam Mahdi popular

Imam Sadiq (PBUH)said: “God blesses someone who makes us popular among people and 

attracts people to us. I swear to God that when people narrate our speeches to others, they 

.would be more beloved because of those speeches

. Mekyal al-Makarem, volume 2

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...The danger of poison penetration and

In the Apocalypse, people testify by their passion and lust and they govern by tyranny! People curse their fathers and envy their brothers! Partners betray each other in business and the 

!sense of loyalty diminishes! Adultery spreads! Men wear like women! Women leave modesty

Ostentation gets into the hearts like poison, which penetrates in bodies…wealth will be spent 

!on singing! People get fascinated by the World

Bihar al-Anwar, volume 52, page 264

When poison penetrates into body, getting poisoned is normal. Therefore, the society can be 

.poisoned like a body! If you want to treat your poisoning, revive your life by removing poison

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"Faith in the Absent Imam"

:The translation of verse 3 of Surah Al-Baqarah

Who believe in the Unseen, are steadfast in prayer, and spend out of what We have provided for them

: Davood Raqee saying that Imam Sadiq said in the interpretation of this verse

 “Pious people are people who have faith in the uprising of Imam Mahdi (Qa’im) and admit it which is of course right

 Ithbat al-hudat, v. 5, p. 72

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The third reason of the necessity of knowing the Imam of each era: "It is a condition of the acceptance of deeds ”

Muawiyah ibn Ammar asked Imam Sadiq about this verse “And to Allah belong the best names, so invoke Him by them.” (7:180). The Imam answered

 “I swear to God that we are the Lord’s Good Names so that God does not accept any deed of humans unless they know us

Usul al-Kafi, chapter: Al-navader

Indeed, what kind of knowledge is this? Which is so important? We’ll mention it later

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Remaining patient in annoyance and denial

Imam Sadiq (PBUH): When you are faced with difficulty and hardship in our way, be patient and recommend each other to resist
Every person who is waiting for imam Mahdi and is patient in tolerating the annoyance and fear in this way, he will be in our company in the other world 
Mekyal al-Makarem, volume 2—  Rouzeh Kafi, page37

:Types of patience in the occultation based on narrations
 Being patient for the duration of the occultation
 Being patient against annoyance and denial and ridicule of the opponents.
 Being patient against calamities and disasters
 Being patient when you see believers’ calamities caused by enemies while you cannot defend them

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The leaders of the occultation

 :Imam Hadi(PBUH) said 

In the occultation of our Qa’im, if there weren’t any scholars and sages who invite people to Imam Mahdi or any defenders of the religion or helper to save unable people from evil’s and enemies’ traps, all people would stop following God’s religion and would become a pagan

Scholars and sages, who save weak and poor Shia Muslims like a captain who guides a ship, are better and beloved ones for God

Al-Ihtijaj, volume 1, page 18

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Emam bagher

Emam bagher, peace be upon him said:

Man's smile to his (fellow) brother as well as wiping brushwood (hurts) out of him are generosity and the most beloved invocation before Allah is to make a believer happy.


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Do you know what belongings of prophets are with Imam Mahdi (PBUH) and he brings them with him after the Reappearance

Do you know what belongings of prophets are with Imam Mahdi (PBUH) and he brings them 

? with him after the Reappearance

1-The casket of Adam, 2-The adz and other carpentry tools of Noah, 3-The collection of Ibrahim (Abraham), 4-The stick of Moses, 5-The stone of Moses, 6-The Torah of Moses, 7-The Tablets of Moses, 8-The casket of Moses, 9-The Gospel of Jesus, 10-The packsaddle used by Jesus, 11-The measure of Joseph, 12-The shirt of Joseph, 13-The crown of Solomon, 14-The ring of Solomon, 15-The measure of Shuaib, 16-The mirror of Shuaib, 17-The armor of David, 18-The patrimony of Hud and Saleh, 19-The shirt of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), 20-The armor of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), 21-The ring of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), 22-The stick of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), 23-The Zulfiqar sword, 24-The Mus'haf of Imam Ali(PBUH) (The Quran that is collected by Imam Ali), 25-The special treaty of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), 26-The heritage of all prophets 

and all other divine books

 The Awaited Mahdi, p. 46 & 47

 Mu'jam al-Ahadith Imam Mahdi, vol. 3

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? Why do Iranians burn the obelisk

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The first one who returns

 :The translation of verse 18 of Surah An-Naba 

“The Day the Horn is blown and you will come forth in multitudes”

Imam Sadiq was asked: Is the return (i.e. return to the world) right

The Imam said: Yes

Asked: Who is the first person who comes back

The Imam said: Hussein ibn Ali, who exits after the uprising of Al-Qa’im

The man asked: “Are there people accompanying him? He said: “No, as Allah says (in the Quran): they come in groups and respectively, nations after nations

 The book of Alvafy, vol. 2, p.267

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️A clever and meaningful answer

 :The second reason is the necessity of knowing the Imam of each era

"It is a sign of faith"

 Aban ibn Taghlib says: I asked Imam Sadiq: Is a person faithful if he knows all Imams except for the Imam of his own era? The Imam said: “No.” I asked again: Is he considered as a Muslim

The Imam answered: Yes

The Source: Kamal al-Din and Tamam Al-Nimeh

  :The important lesson

"Every Muslim is not considered as a faithful one"

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The difference between Shiites belief in the Savior and others

The difference that we Shiites have with other Islamic and non-Islamic sects is that we know this dear and great person; his name, his date of birth, his parents and his beloved ancestors, we know his “concerns”, but others do not know these... That's why Shiites’ resorts are  "livelier" and "more enthusiastic" and "more meaningful" and "more focused

The basic principle of Mahdism principle is agreed on among all Muslims... But in the main part which is the "the knowledge of the Savior himself" there is inconsistent insight. Shiites, through their certain news, know the Savior by his name, specification, and his date of birth

Supreme Leader, 74/10/17 - 84/6/29

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There are more than 300 Mahdavi verses in the Quran

: Some Mahdavi topics in the Quran 

Descriptions of Imam Mahdi’s companions in the Quran

Jesus’ descent in the Quran

Some of the “Imminent signs of the Reappearance

The future of the world in the Quran

Information about Messianism in the past religions 

"Waiting for the Savior" in the Quran and other religions

The characteristics of the Reappearance Era" in the Quran and 

 That, God willing, will be sent to you dear Mehdi helpers

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Breaking the glass breaking the pottery

 :Imam Sadiq’s (PBUH) warnings

 I swear to God,  you will break undoubtedly such as shattering of a glass but glass can be recycled (by melting and reproducing). I swear to God you will break like pottery, very truly it does not return to original condition

I swear to God you will be screened and distinguished from each other undoubtedly and you will be selected until a few of you remain

Al-Qaibat  Na´mani, page 307

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?What is the necessity of knowing Imam Mahdi

To answer this question, first it is necessary to pay attention to 11 reasons for the importance of acquainting oneself with Imam Mahdi

The first reason: the reason of Man’s Creation

  :Imam Hussein told his companions

O people, Allah has not created humans except to know him. When they recognized him, they worship him. When they worship him, for the blessing of this prayer, they do not need to  worship entities than God

A man asked: What’s the recognition of God

 :the Imam said

That is, people of any age should know the Imam whom they should obey the commands of his 

 Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 23, p. 83

 The result: Knowing God = Getting to know the Imam of each era 

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“Constant expectation for Imam Mahdi’s Reappearance”

One of the duties of the awaiting people is to wait for his reappearance and to prepare themselves for that enormous event. God in the Quran accounts worshiping as a goal of human creation.”

The Prophet says while interpreting this verse in the Quran that the best worship is expectation for Imam Mahdi’s Reappearance

 Mekyal al-Makarem, volume 2

A reminder:

We should examine ourselves to see how much we are really waiting for Imam Mahdi. 

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Blessings in the time of Reappearance

The Holy Prophet said:

“In the era of Imam Mahdi (PBUH), the earth puts out its treasures such as pieces of gold and silver,

The thief comes forward and says:

“Was my hand cut for a thing like this?”

The murderer comes forward and says:

“Did I commit murder for such an object?”

 The one who hasn’t maintained ties with his family says:

“Did I cut the ties (with my relatives) for such a thing?”

 Then these pieces of gold and silver remain on the ground and nobody has the slightest desire to take them.”

 Besharat al-Islam p.71

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Ayatollah Bahjat

What sufferings (hardships) are incurred by Imam Mahdi (PBUH) who is the owner of the whole planet earth and how does he feel and how do we feel? He is in prison and is not happy and we are absolutely ignorant

In Bahjat’s Company, vol 1, p106

My friend, think about your Leader’s exile during which this vast world has become a jail for him 

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